What is the Experian Affordability Passport and why do I have to do this?

EbeneGate has implemented a safer and easier method to complete your Annual Income & Expenditure Review online. It is a secure process that requires internet banking and will only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Your bank statements will be generated, and your income and expenses will be categorised for us to review your affordability.

I don’t know anything about the Experian Affordability Passport. My arrangement is with EbeneGate.

Experian is affiliated with EbeneGate to allow you to complete your Annual Review online. The website is part of open banking and has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. Once the review has been submitted online, EbeneGate will review your affordability and send the outcome.

I am not happy to give a third-party access to my bank account and login credentials.

The Experian Affordability Passport will not have access to your bank account at any point. It is a safe and secure process that has been approved by all major banks in the UK and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your bank statements will be generated using a secure encrypted technology and all your login credentials will be deleted from the system once the review has been submitted.


I do not have online banking. How do I complete the Annual Review?

As this is an annual procedure, we recommend you set up internet banking as this is the easiest and safest way to complete the Annual Review. However, we do have alternative methods available if you are not able to set up your internet banking. For example, we can send the income and expenditure forms via email/post).

My bank has advised me not to give my bank login to anyone.

This information might have been provided by a customer service agent who might not be aware of the Experian Affordability Passport process. If you’re looking for further reassurance, please speak with your bank manager who will be able to provide more information regarding the security of the website.

My contact number or address is incorrect on the link. How do I change this?

Please contact EbeneGate to update the correct information. Once this has been done, you can proceed with the same link.

I have tried several times to login to my bank. There is an error logging in.

Please ensure that you are using internet banking and not mobile banking. The preferred browser to complete this process is Google Chrome. Occasionally you may experience difficulties logging in via the link due to maintenance being carried out by your bank. The list of impacted banks and estimated resolution times can be viewed on the following page. If you experience any issues, please try the link again after 24 hours before contacting us.


I do not agree with the summary. I do not earn that much.

Some of your transactions might have been wrongly categorised. The Experian Affordability Passport will show an average amount as per your last three months of bank statements generated. EbeneGate has a dedicated team of professionals who will work out your income and expenses as per the transactions listed on your bank statements to ensure an accurate result. Once the review is submitted, you will receive a call or email from the review team to discuss the transactions.

My bank is not listed on Experian Affordability Passport. What do I do?

Unfortunately, your bank is not supported by Experian Affordability Passport. We are working on an upgraded version to allow all clients to have access to complete their review online.