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Hello, we're Ebenegate

Welcome! We’re a global managed service company and specialise in looking after people in debt solutions.

Everyday we speak to people around the world who are struggling with their finances and help them find peace of mind that a brighter future lies ahead.

Living with debt isn’t easy and can have an impact on more than just a person’s bank balance. In fact, financial hardship often affects relationships and mental health.

That’s why our help matters in more ways than one.

Our experienced teams play a vital part in supporting people during their darkest times. It is that commitment to support that has allowed us to help more than 182,000 people see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We want to continue to help people sleep easier and enjoy life free of the stress and pressure of money worries but we need you.

Your support will help us continue to offer support when people need it most.

Why choose us?

Power in numbers

When we first opened our doors in 2016 we had a team of 46 staff, now we have 181 people and counting as we continue to invest in our teams.

Rise to the top

We believe in supporting the career aspirations of our staff and we’re proud to say that 116 members of our teams have received internal promotions.

Commitment to training

Knowledge is power, that’s why we’re proud to provide regular training to staff to help them grow and develop their skills and knowledge.

Switch-on to technology

 We continually invest in the latest technology to help streamline our services and ensure staff are equipped to offer the best possible service.

Let’s get social

 Our people are our culture.  We’re proud to have a bustling social scene at Ebenegate with regular work parties and team building events.

Community spirit

We’re passionate about supporting our local community and the charities within. We’re committed to hosting regular fundraisers and special events.

Staff success stories

Our experts share their experiences with Ebenegate

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