Hanover Insolvency

Are you a Hanover Insolvency customer? Welcome to Ebene Gate, we’re delighted to have you with us. We’re here to look after every aspect of your debt arrangement and provide caring and professional customer service for the life of your insolvency agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the largest global managed service provider for IVAs, and Trust Deeds we’re uniquely placed to look after your case. It’s our mission to give our customers the best possible insolvency support and service – and we’ll do all we can to enhance the level of care you receive throughout the life of your arrangement.

Don’t worry – nothing will change about the way your IVA or Trust Deed works. Your payment and term will remain the same, as will your insolvency practitioner. All Ebenegate customers benefit from our state-of-the-art technology, a specialist customer services team and a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all matters relating to your arrangement.

Your payment amount, the length of your arrangement and all other terms and conditions of your agreement are unaffected by the change.

You don’t have to do a thing. If you haven’t already, you’ll shortly receive a welcome letter via email or by post. This will detail our contact information and give you some more information about how we look after your agreement.

No, if you have made your final payments to your debt arrangement your file will be reviewed and closed within the expected timeframe.

You can contact us by calling 0141 218 4816. We do anticipate a temporary high volume of calls so it may be worth sending an email

Contact Information

Need to get in touch? We’re only too happy to help. You can write to the team at:

Ebenegate UK
PO Box 27160
G2 9LZ
Or give us a call on
0141 218 4816
For customer emails, drop us a line at client@ebenegate.co.uk
Or, if you’re a creditor, you can contact us at: creditor@ebenegate.co.uk
We look forward to speaking to you soon and supporting you on your journey out of debt.
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