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Working with United Insolvency and Ebenegate

Ebenegate has helped more than 185,000 people manage their debt solutions and offered guidance on their journey to financial stability.

Welcome to Ebenegate

Ebenegate has helped more than 185,000 people manage their debt solutions and offered guidance on their journey to financial stability.

Welcome to Ebenegate, a global managed service company that will help progress and manage your Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) application.

As an United Insolvency customer, we’re proud to take over the set up and management of your IVA and will be by your side every step of the way.

Here we offer a reminder of your process so far and what to expect next.

Your initial application with United Insolvency

You’ve started your IVA application with our partner United Insolvency.

As you’ll already be aware, United Insolvency is a debt help company proud to help people find the best solution for their debt problems.

The team of debt specialists advise on the best course of action to handle debt, talking those in need through all the options available to them.

How United Insolvency and Ebenegate have helped people just like you

Working with United Insolvency, Ebenegate has helped almost 2,000 people find a solution to deal with their debt.

Going forward, Ebenegate will manage your debt arrangement for you on behalf of United Insolvency. Our expert team will guide you through the process of drafting your IVA proposal and take you through the approval process.

Benefits of working with Ebenegate

We draft and set up your proposal
We deal with creditors so you don’t have to
We’ll manage your arrangement

What’s next in your IVA journey?

What’s next in your IVA journey?

Now you’ve taken the first positive step to managing your debt, now let us help you on your journey to a brighter financial future.

Ebenegate experts will take you through the IVA journey, providing tailored guidance and support every step of the way. 

Here’s what to expect.


How to contact us about your case with United Insolvency

If you need to chat to an expert at any point during the set up of your arrangement or the lifetime of your IVA, please contact us using the details below:

Telephone: 0800 082 8095

Frequently Asked Questions

Debt solutions are formal arrangements for managing your debts. They help you do so by creating a legally binding contract between you and your creditors.


If you’re facing challenges in repaying your unsecured debts in full but can manage to pay back a portion, a formal debt solution could be the right option for you.

Yes, using a formal debt solution will influence your credit score, as its presence will be recorded on your credit report for a span of six years following approval.


That said, your credit score might already have been affected due to your initial debt problems, so a debt solution may actually be better for your credit profile in the long-run. 


Upon successful completion of your arrangement, you’ll be clear of the debts included in the agreement and free to begin rebuilding your credit rating.

Once you’re enrolled in a debt solution, creditors are prohibited from pursuing further actions against you  and are not permitted to engage with you directly.


They shouldn’t be able to phone you or reach out to you directly, although it can take some time for them to learn that you have entered into an arrangement to deal with your debts.

Debt solutions offer people in financial difficulty a constructive way to deal with overwhelming debts, and empower you to more effectively handle your financial obligations.


Using a single consolidated monthly payment is established, taking your present financial situation into account. This payment is then divided among your creditors. Throughout the duration of the arrangement, any interest and charges linked to your debts are suspended.


Upon the conclusion of your arrangement, any remaining outstanding debts are forgiven.

Our fee structure is transparent and fixed, encompassing the Nominee Fee, Supervisory Fee, and all related expenses connected with the arrangement.


Fees will be deducted from your monthly payment or the proceeds gained from asset realisations that are channelled into your arrangement.


These costs will be thoroughly discussed by a knowledgeable advisor to ensure your comprehensive understanding of the financial implications.